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Have you ever created a checklist for your day, ticking off your boring tasks and chores every time you completed one? Some of you probably do this every day, giving yourself an extra sense of achievement when you’ve brushed your teeth or made it into work on time.

That miniature endorphin rush you feel when you complete a task occurs because you appreciate the value of planning. It makes you feel productive and in control of your life.image2

Yet some pet owners don’t appreciate the importance of planning for their animal’s healthcare.

Instead of plotting out their pet’s veterinary care, they leave things to chance. And when a major operation for their furry friend comes calling they’ll struggle to budget effectively.



The benefits of planning ahead

Poor planning can make a sizeable dent in your wallet, which is why our Pet Health Plan is designed to structure your veterinary payments in a way that’s both affordable and convenient for you.

The main aim of the Pet Health Plan is to provide your pet with the preventative healthcare that isn’t covered by insurance, including:

  • Vaccinations and boosters
  • Year-round flea and worm treatment
  • Twice yearly health checks and advice

This is a plan which aims to give your pet optimal care, all while helping you save a little bit of money.

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We’re proud of our plan, and we think your pet will receive the best possible care if you join it.

For more information, visit our website miramarvets.co.uk/pet-health-plans/ or get in touch with us on Sheringham 822293 or Cromer 513976.