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Cat Only Clinic

There’s little your cat loves more than purring, meowing, kneading, scratching, climbing, sleeping and eating – so leaving its comfort zone to visit the vet is likely at the bottom of its to-do list.

Whether its behaviour manifests in a reluctance to move from its carrier, hissing and spitting, or even losing control of its bowels or bladder, a visit to the vet can be a troubling time for your feline friend.

At Miramar Vets, we understand this better than most …
… which is why we’ve opened a cat only clinic at our Sheringham practice.

Designed to Reduce Your Cat’s Stress

The cat only clinic features a separate waiting area for cats and dogs, in which there are specially reinforced shelves that have been put in place for your cat carrier, with a blanket to cover the carrier to reduce stressors during its visit.

Importantly, the clinic also boasts International Society for Feline Medicine trained vets, nurses and receptionists, which means your cat will always be treated by a cat advocate.

To book an appointment for your cat at our feline friendly facility, please call the Sheringham practice today on 01263 822293 – the safety and health of your cat is our priority.

Contact us for more information

Making sure taking care of your cat's health isn't filled with unnecessary stress is important to us, so bring them along to our Cat Only Clinic the next time you book them in for an appointment.

For more information, or to book an appointment, call the Sheringham practice on 01263 822293 today.