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Christmas Opening Hours

Our Christmas opening hours are as follows. If you need a vet when we are closed, please call the out of hours number ‭07721 427782‬.

xmas timetable

Pet of the Month November

bob frost

Bob is last month’s Pet of the Month. He first visited Simon in October because he was limping on his back leg. Simon prescribed Bob some pain killers. At first Bob seemed fine but when the pain killers finished Bob started limping again.

 bob frost2

Bob was admitted for the day. He was given a general anaesthetic and had his pelvis xrayed. The xrays showed a problem in his left hip. The blood supply had stopped supplying nutrients to the hip bone which meant the bone was starting to degenerate causing it to disintegrate. This was causing inflammation and pain which made Bob limp. The treatment for this condition is an operation called an Excisional Arthroplasty- removing the affected piece of bone.

bob frost 3

Jane and Michaela incised over Bob’s hip bone (Fig 289) and cut through some of the muscles (Fig 290a) so they could access the joint. The head of the hip bone was then removed (Fig 290b). Bob stayed in the hospital over night to be observed. He received very strong pain killers and was ready to go home the next day. His owners have kept him restricted for the past four weeks and he is on the road to recovery.

bob frost 4

Staff Pet of Month – Novemeber

This is Maggie, she belongs to our nurse Lucy. Maggie is 14 years old and over the last 12 months she has lost her sight. This has been a gradual process and Maggie has coped really well. She still goes outside but tends to stay in the garden our just next door. She also has arthritis so has pain relief every day to help with her mobility. As long as Maggie’s environment doesn’t change she should be able to live a perfectly normal life despite being blind, it may become necessary one day to stop her going outside but at the moment she is doing fine.

staff pet of month nov 2 staff pet of month nov

Pet of month October

This is Emma, she has previously suffered with cystitis, which had always cleared up with antibiotics but unfortunately not this time.

Pet of month october 3

After a trial of antibiotics, we decided to x-ray her. The X-ray’s showed her bladder was full of stones which would have to be surgically removed. Our vet Jane successfully removed them and 24 hours after surgery she was back to her normal self!

Pet of month october 1 Pet of month october 2

Staff Pet Of The Month October

This is Bella, who is owned by our nurse Gabby. Bella is a 9 year old Whippet who Gabby has owned since she was 8 weeks old.
Although she may look like a sight hound, Bella is usual described as a “Labrador in a Whippets body” due to her love of food! Bella’s favourite things to do are eat, sleep and go on the occasional walk!

gabby 2gabby1