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Pet of the month for September

Tyrion has been seeing our nurse Natalie for desensitising sessions and here’s what she had to say about him!

‘Tyrion started coming to see me just over a year ago because he was nervous of some people and noises. At first Tyrion wanted to sit next to his mum when he came to see me but with the help of Kalmaid (a nutraceutical) and throwing hot dog sausages to him, I slowly won him over! Still being a little unsure he would sometimes back away if I asked him to do something new. So when he over came his fear of me handling him all over and the fear of the deadly snake, otherwise known as the stethoscope, he was well on his way to being a happy patient here at Miramar. He has since needed to see the vet for an injury and was praised for how well he behaved. Tyrion will still need to keep up his desensitising session to stop him from becoming nervous again, but these sessions can be spaced out into monthly or even 2monthly visits. Well done Tyrion you are a star pupil!’